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St Benedicts has created a policy to cover Slimming World consultants against a wide range of risks.
The policy includes cover for Stock, Money, and Personal Accident. Premiums are extremely competitive, and if you apply online you benefit from a £10 discount, so the premium is only £35.80 for a whole year! That equates to less than 69 pence a week -- at that price can you afford not to insure?

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Summary of Benefits - UK

all risks cover of physical loss or damage including scales & PDQ payment terminals


(Whilst in the UK and engaged in Slimming World activities only.) Excess £35 each and every claim. £500 maximum per single item.



Money Cover: all risks within confines of UK



(Excess NIL)

Personal Accident Schedule of Benefits


Accidental bodily injury resulting in:




Loss of one limb


Total loss of sight of one eye


Loss of two limbs


Total loss of sight of both eyes


Loss of one limb and one eye


Permanent total disablement


Temporary total disablement

£100 per week











Apply online and get £10 off the standard premium!